Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to bring together graduates of the Elgin Citizen Police Academy to: present and promote a continuing positive image of all law enforcement, but specifically the Elgin Police Department and its constitutionally mandated functions; support and assist the Elgin Police Department by lessening the burdens of government fighting crime and delinquency; promote the Citizen Police Academy’s continuing education/training; support the continued growth and development of the Citizen Police Academy; and participate in activities that contribute to the well-being of the community.

Board of Directors

Front row:
Front row:  Lynn Cottle, President; Andria Gural, Secretary; Pat Frenzel, Treasurer
Back row:  Ryan Heneise, Vice President; Richard Green, Sereant at Arms


Becoming a Member:

Any person who is a graduate of the Elgin Citizen Police Academy is eligible for membership.  Minimum age for membership is 18 years. Membership dues are $12 per year per person.